Dillon Cutaiar

XR Developer



Hi, I'm Dillon. I'm currently enjoying my third year of school at Virginia Tech studying computer science and philosophy. I develop Virtual and Augmented reality applications for VT University Libraries.

I like to discuss ideas, eat things, and workout. If you too enjoy any of these activities, feel free to reach out.

Redshift Education Inc.

Redshift Education builds hands-on lessons in virtual reality to make learning creative, collaborative, and relevant for the 21st century.

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CISpy 2018

A mobile augmented reality app for fifth-grade students that scaffolds their own historical inquiry, teaching them the process of inquiry while engaging them in the history of Christiansburg Institute. Currently under development. More information here

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Shakespeare's Garden VR (SG-VR)

While educational, professional, and gaming environments in virtual reality are common, little has been done to explore virtual reality’s potential application in theatre and performance art. Shakespeare's Garden - Virtual Reality (SG-VR) is an immersive audio-visual experience based on a previously exhibited physical installation called Shakespeare’s Garden. It is an attempt to replicate, augment, and further develop the original experience. More information here

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